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Counseling Services

Marriage  and Family Counseling

Guidance and Career Counseling

Rehabilitation counseling

Mental Health Counseling

Educational Counseling

Debt Counseling

Child Development Counseling

Grief Counseling

Our Professional Counsellors

Specialized in Clinical Psychology & Psychiatric help
I love to do social work, have taught children in 
Slums and helped them with the basic needs.
Specialized in Child Development & Debt Counseling
I love nature, healthy living, recreation and well-being.
I also love all that is healthy, good and cheerful.
Specialized in Behavioral Therapy, Narrative Therapy,
Existential Psychotherapy, Expressive Arts Therapy.
Specialized in Anixety , Social Phobia and Eating disorder
working as Phychotherapist to help and support you
and solve your issues
Specialized in Educational , Guidance & Career Counseling
working as Counselling Psychologist to help and
to solve your issues related to all phases of life.
I’m a Neuro-Psychotherapist, as name suggests
I give therapies and counselling sessions to disorders
which are related with brain dysfunction
Specialized in Attention deficit disorder,
Generalized Anxiety
assist with disabilities in communication with
other children and teachers.
Master level psychologist, psychotherapist.
I love positive psychology, sports, travelling,
books, things that feed our body and soul.

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