Feeling lone

Hello guys, I am a simple girl who goes college regularly, completes projects and assignments on time, spends time with friends and family. So according to me life is beautiful. But in this beautiful life u can have lot of tensions to run your life smoothly, like I have a big tension, I have to clear National Eligibility Test (NET) and u know this is a big task for an average fun loving student, but if I can’t clear then what will I do in future, I have a lot of options but all are very tough like Civil Services, nothing’s easy. So, these kind of things keep hovering in my mind. Sometimes these things won’t let u to sleep. I am sleepless since last one week and I realized that I have grown up and my resting days are going to over soon. And the worst thing is u don’t want to study at that time when everyone is sleeping and u are up like an owl. So, I browse net and got to know about feelinglone.com , I registered on the site and and I have peoples to share my problem, These people can listen everything u want to say them and give solution according to your problem.I am telling u this beacause I know u are going through the same problem. So, guys if u r going to the same problems and don’t have anybody to share your stupid things then u can register on feelinglone.com and talk with people there and empty your head and get a relaxed sleep then.

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    Katy Companion 3 months ago

    Ohh that is so sweet. <3
    I wish that happiness always follows you.
    And i wish you to never forget to be happy and go with the smile on your face throw your life.
    You are good person i can feel that and don't forget what to radiate you attract, so doing the best you can will always get the best.
    Thank you for those beautiful words.
    Only love :*

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