• Raised in an era marked by the attack Twin Towers and terrorism, cell phones, and social networking and instant messaging, Millennial consider technology not as a tool to advance in their work but they are more […]

  • A common misconception about depression is that it is something people can just “snap out of.” Unfortunately, for those people who experience major depression disorder, it’s not that simple. While depression can […]

    • A good blog. There’s no doubt in my mind that depression is all about how we handle what life throws at us. Childhood conditioning sets the scene (Philip Larkin was so right). Then as we grow and engage with the world, negative self perceptions can dominate.

      It’s not about how others see us or how we see them, but about how we see ourselves and strive to find, and come to terms with, or place in the world.

      I’m out about my own depression and fiercely protect myself from things I know can trigger an episode. That I think is the key to survival and something few can achieve on their own. It took me years of therapy to truly know and accept myself and see how my vulnerability can create opportunity, rather than threat.

    • Amazing article

  • Change your soul (spirit). People have an unfortunate tendency to remember negative experiences but forget positive ones. However, thanks to adaptability (neuroplasticity), you can actually change the way your […]

    • Happiness largely comes from a sense of respect. Respect everything you can think of! The house you live in, the people from their environment, ants in the forest, the tree in the park … Everything in life has a purpose and serves your personal growth. Every sensation, every person, every material thing that goes through your life is a unique experience and opportunity. So take it and grow. 🙂

    • loved it..

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