Pets can be helpful to improve your mental health

Animals play an important role in many people’s lives. We see many animals on the road, zoos, in our neighbor quite often but as regular activity we just watch them and ignore them without realizing the fact that animals are very important part of our lives, we have a strong bond with them, they are our ancestors or close relatives as evolutionary perspectives and they are our friends behaviorally. Having a pet in our house can have several benefits like they protect our house as a good security guard, they can have our remaining meal, they have sixth sense so they can warn us about any natural disaster, they also protect us from other dangerous animals etc.

Pets also have several effects on physical and mental health of human body-

  • Lower blood pressure during stress
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Lower heart rates
  • Increase physical work hence physically fit body
  • A good companion to share your thoughts hence reduce feeling of loneliness
  • A good entertainer hence increase feeling of happiness
  • A good playmate
  • Helps you to socialize with other people

Which animals prove best domestic pets –Image result for best small pets

  • RABBIT- They can come when called, use a litter box and exercise on a leash. They are small and vegetarian.
  • PARROT- Parrots are colorful, lively and playful pets.When given plenty of living space, exercise and positive attention, these extremely intelligent birds are very affectionate toward their owners. Most parrots have an uncanny ability to mimic human voices, as well as other sounds.
  • CAT- The cat will continue to amaze you with its highly energetic instincts that allows it to continue throughout the day tirelessly.
  • TURTLE- It’s nice to have a small pet that can’t outrun you, and a turtle certainly fits that bill.
  • CHINCHILLA- Chinchilla fur is so velvety that the best thing about your new pet will simply be holding it.
  • SQUIRREL- These marsupials love to run on their wheel.
  • MINI DONKEY- A mini donkey is a very funny, comical and affectionate joy to own.
  • MONKEY- Monkeys tend to be very adorable and are often very cute looking. Monkeys are very intelligent animals.
  • DWARF PIG- The dwarf pig is one of the finest examples of complete cuddle-ability and aww inspiring cuteness. You can fit one in any average medium size purse and carry it along with you.
  • DOG- easy to tack care, the only thing is, they eat everything.



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