Relieve Your Tension through Games

In this materialistic world, we have so many tensions which keep on hovering in our mind and all age groups suffering from this problem. Sometimes the problem is so small that after solving this we burst out in laugh that we are thinking so much about it and this is so easy, but before solving it we keep on thinking about how we can tackle this problem and just ruin our time and sometimes other’s also. These small tensions and overthinking problem is the starting of depression and other mental problems.

To tackle with these problems playing a game of your interest is a good exercise.

  • When we play a game our brain undergoes in positive stress i.e. it produces two neurotransmitters acetylcholine and endorphin which are known as happiness hormones which produce a sense of well being in us.
  • It also activates the production of serotonin which regulates our mood and sleep.
  • Lowers the level of cortisol in blood which is a distress hormone, even in stressful conditions its level does not increases.
  • Increase feeling of physical fitness hence build self confidence inside us.
  • In team games, social rehabilitation occurs, we get a chance to socialize with other people.
  • Lower heart rates.
  • We get a good entertainment hence feeling of happiness and humor also increases.
  • Sports also improves our concentration.

For Young and energetic persons Basketball, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Cycling, Running, Martial arts, Boxing, Volleyball, Cricket are the best stress relieving sports.

For elder persons Chess, Carrom board, Ludo, Walking, Puzzles, Cycling, Swimming, Badminton, Tennis, Golf are some of the stress bursting sports.

Video games are also helpful as they increases our memory, concentration and management skills but these are for lazy people.


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